Spent the weekend pouring over Craigslist, digging through classifieds and checking Facebook. I uncovered a couple of potential places that have promising job openings here in Austin:

1. Austin Chiropractor Dr. Schade - They have an opening for a front desk person for their chiropractic office. Not sure how good I might be at this but the experience would be a lot of help for future jobs.

2. Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Terry, Simon & Kelly - Since I want to be a lawyer this would be much more up my alley. I need experience working in law firms.

1002 Rio Grande Street 
Austin, TX 78701 
Tel: 512-900-9000

I am posting these two companies in case anyone reading this has experience with either of these places. As I said I am new here to Austin and could use some feedback. If you are reading this and have first hand experience with either of these places of business, hit me up and please let me know!  :)